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Friday Night Sew In

I found this late yesterday afternoon. Heidi and Bobbi throw this party together to encourage us to finish up some serious sewing on a Friday night. How fun to know that you are sewing hard all night while a bunch of other women do the same. I immediately joined, after all, I was planning on sewing anyway! All evening and after the kiddos’ bedtime.

That was the plan anyway.

Then Katie called and needed someone to watch my adorable nephew Liam for the evening while she was on a photo shoot. And what kind of a small business-woman would I be if I didn’t help out another?

So, Liam came over and we all went outside to blow bubbles, run around, and weed the flower garden. Okay, maybe just my hubby and I weeded. Lottie piled dirt on top of herself, Kelsey ate grass, and Liam ran around like the uncontrollable almost-two-year-old that he is. Adorable. And I didn’t take a single picture. Oops.

I did manage to finish a few things though…

I put together one block for my NewBee Quilting Bee. Valerie asked us for two star blocks and sent these yummy green and yellow/orange fabrics.

I played with the layout of the other block. I have all the half square triangles pieced together, now I just need to decide where to put them!

Then Liam arrived and I took a break for three hours.

And then I went to bed. But, I took a project with me.

Earlier, I had finished up the machine quilting on my little Kelsey-bug’s 1st birthday quilt.

I followed the tutorial at Oh Fransson! and I love how it turned out. I am basically in love with everything Elizabeth Hartman does. I walked step-by-step through her quilt making basics to finish Lottie’s quilt. She makes it so easy to understand. Anyway, this quilt will be for Kelsey’s first birthday next month. I did a little bird applique:

And then quilted those loopy flowers all over. I can’t wait to throw it in the washer and dryer to let it crinkle up. But, since last night I got about this far on the binding (before I just curled up and slept):

I will have to wait for the crinkle. Soon, very soon. Then I will post pics of the completed quilt.

I had lots of fun trying to sew all night. I will definitely join in the party again!

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One Thought on “Friday Night Sew In

  1. mistie on August 21, 2010 at 5:34 pm said:

    LOVE the quilt! You amaze me!!
    I need to get organized for a Friday night sew-in. :O)

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