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A Festival!

You know that saying, “You can never go home again?” Well I went home this weekend. And this is what it looked like:

setting up

This is my husband and I setting up my booth at Midvale’s Harvest Days. I grew up in Midvale, and I attended Harvest Days every year. We went to the activities… Bingo in the Park… the parade… the festival booths before fireworks… the Miss Midvale Pageant. In fact, I was Miss Midvale 2001. Yup, are you ready for this flashback?


Can anyone say “Parade Hair” with me? Really, it was the only way I could get that crown to stay on my head! And oh, the purple eye shadow… trust me, it reads well from a distance. That’s me and my 1st attendant, Cheryl. She was awesome – even though everywhere we went together, people thought she was Miss Midvale if I wasn’t wearing the crown. Is it obvious that she won swimsuit and evening gown, while I won talent and interview?

Anyway, now that I’ve shared that embarrassment with you, let’s move on to something that really looks good, shall we?


I wanted my booth to really showcase what I do, and the time I put into everything I make, so I hit up George’s Architectural Salvage to find unique ways to display my items. I was in the back looking for shutters, when George came back to tell me that this awesome screen had just come in, and it was just what I was looking for. Seriously, George is my new best friend.


This old screen door (with the rusty ripped screen cut out) hung sideways to hold my hair clips. I love the chippy old blue-gray paint and how it really makes my bright new fabrics stand out. These clips were my best-sellers. I was very flattered when one woman said, “You can get those other ones at any old place. Yours are so unique, I need to get them now!” Yeah, sometimes I can compete with wholesale.


I had two of these window screens hanging opposite the door. They held my pins, mini-wallets and Monicas. They didn’t work out quite like I wanted, but I have ideas for the future with them.


People really seemed to enjoy browsing my booth. It really boosted my spirits to have people come back, dragging others with them to show them something cool. See that black & white Stacy pleated bag back there? Yeah, that went home with the lovely lady on the right.


I had a rack set up for my clothing. The wind was so strong I had to throw washers on all of the hangers to keep them from blowing away.

crayon rolls

And a table under the door to hold my crayon rolls, wallets and car seat canopies.


All in all, it was an exhausting experience! But I learned a lot, (I even sold a purse to Salt Lake City County Mayor and candidate for Utah Governor, Peter Corroon. Brad is really hoping he’ll use it on the campaign trail, and was disappointed when I told him it was for his mother.) and I will definitely be doing it again.


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2 Thoughts on “A Festival!

  1. The ideas for your displays were ingenious! They looked amazing in the booth and really did highlight your items well. Good thinking Sister!

  2. Wow! I really wanted to make it over to Harvest Days but didn’t end up doing anything at all for it! Your booth looks so great, you put it all together so nicely. I need to go check out George’s, it looks like a fun place :). Your fabric choices are all adorable too, I’m glad it went well for you!

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