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Winners Finally!

Thank you thank you thank you for being patient with me while my kiddos were sick. Yeah, both of them. Kelsey finally got better on Tuesday. Wednesday, Lottie woke up with the same thing. And of course, I was at my day job on Tuesday, so I missed my window of opportunity to post there…

Without further ado, our winners are:

phantomwinnerCam! Seriously, some people have all the luck… spending your summer “studying” in England, traveling throughout Europe, and now winning my fabulous prize!

Our other winner is not random. I picked this one all by myself…


Julie! Because not only did she know why my machines are named the way they are, but she used one of my favorite quotes in the movie. Sometimes, I do not know the meaning of propriety.

So, what did these lovely ladies win? Accessories! I’ve been having fun with yo-yos, getting ready for Christmas (more on that later). Julie and Cam, you can each choose a headband



Or maybe you’d like a single hair clip?


Or something to pin on your favorite jacket or purse to spice it up a bit?


In your favorite color, of course! (Cam, I chose, and you get pink.) Let me know what you prefer and I’ll get it sent right out to you.

My sister doesn’t understand these (although each green one pictured above was made by her. That’s right… I got my sister to craft with me while I sewed her track suit/costume for the show she’s in right now). I think they’re wonderful! If you had asked me about three years ago, I wouldn’t have understood either. That’s back when I wanted boys, because I wasn’t a girly girl. Then I had two adorable girl babies. You know, pink is like a fungus? It just grows on you. So do frilly fun girly things, if you let them.

And what do these have to do with Christmas? Well, it’s July, which means it’s time to get ready for Christmas! I’ve made a commitment this year for a handmade holiday. Most of my gifts will be handmade… and yo-yos play into that big time. Mom and I have a plan for her grandkids. Can’t wait!

So, to get ready for Christmas, I’m starting a little “Christmas in July” here at The Busy Bean. All month I will give you some gift ideas. There will be tutorials, recipes and ideas for all ages. If you don’t do handmade yourself, consider supporting the handmade community. I think you’ll find there is a lot of quality and individuality in the handmade community. I’ll be highlighting a few of my favorite handmade shops as well.

And of course, (shameless plug… after all, it is my blog) I am available for your custom bag, accessory or children’s clothing needs!


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3 Thoughts on “Winners Finally!

  1. Hooray!! I’m’ so excited – thank you!! I’m in love with the headband – how adorable! 🙂

  2. Steph on July 14, 2010 at 10:56 am said:

    You are right, I do not understand them… but I was surprised how easy they were to put together and would be very happy to help with more if you need!! Since my tracksuit looks amazing!!

  3. I’m so excited I won! I have been working very hard out here the last few months, so a prize is definitely in order 😉

    I think I would like the pin, please. Can’t wait to see you (and pick up my prize) very soon!!

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