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Spring Coat

Since Lottie got a new quilt, Kels had to have something, right? So I made her a cute Spring coat.


Sure, I made one for Lottie quite a while ago, but I think Kelsey’s is cuter.  I used a little Marabella fabric by Amy Hamberlin. (Who, coincidentally, I just finished testing a pattern for – super cute dress, and I’ll post a pattern review after they are released. She has quite a few new patterns coming out soon.)

With a little Art Gallery Girly Girl for the lining.


I am in love with Art Gallery’s new soft cottons. They feel a little silky almost. I used their Sugar line for the dress I made Kels. I will post how cute that turned out soon… just need to get some pictures.

I’m also {slightly} obsessed with cover buttons. I am using them on everything! Good thing I’ve got me a supplier to buy them on the cheap. Is it abnormal to have a gross of them on my shelf?


Purple is a great color on my little Bug. She’s getting so big now. Sitting up on her own and everything. Of course, this was a revelation to me this week when I finally saw her do it. I got all excited and shouted for everyone in my family to see. It was not really a big deal to them. I brought her home and told her to show daddy what she could do. He looked at me like I was crazy. Turns out, she’s been doing it for a while – just not in front of me!


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2 Thoughts on “Spring Coat

  1. Kellie on June 16, 2010 at 9:45 am said:

    That coat is awesome. What pattern did you use?

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