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Last week was the Wasatch Front Shop Hop. I visited 15 stores with my mom over four days. We collected a pattern for a block at each shop, along with different ways to put them together.

I only had my camera at one store, but fun was had at many. I actually went out to the car to get my camera specifically at this store. I fell in love with a quilt on the wall, and wanted to take a picture before I left. Of course, being the good girl I am, I asked an employee if I could take a picture. She said an enthusiastic “YES!” and struck this pose.

fran copy

Did I mention that each shop had a theme of something to celebrate? Well, at Village Dry Goods in Brigham City they were celebrating Prom. All of the employees had beautiful prom dresses on. Do you see those gems on the top of her dress? Well, they kept falling out, so she grabbed some scotch tape and taped them on. Someone else told her that was tacky. She looked at them, pointed down at herself, and said, “With all of this, you think the tape is tacky?”

We had a lot of fun there. She grabbed another employee as she passed and said “Colleen, tap for them!” Well, the employee Colleen started tap dancing. I got all excited and said “Colleen, my name’s Colleen too!” She asked if I tapped, and unfortunately, I had to say “No, but I used to clog!” I started clogging while Colleen tapped, and what did it get me? A prize! Yup, I learned the essential rule of Shop Hop: Act like a fool, and you get free stuff. I got a pattern. I love love love my quilt shop (I actually went to my first class there last night), but I know for sure if I lived a lot farther North I would be shopping at Village Dry Goods more often.

Anyway, while I was there, I picked up the pattern to make this quilt.

button up

And snapped a picture of this one to think about.


This is their Shop Hop quilt. Made from all of those block patterns I picked up. Beautiful.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the big prizes… If you complete the whole tour, you’re entered into a drawing for some awesome stuff. Two super cool sewing machines, an AccuQuilt Go cutter, EQ software, $100 shopping sprees… oh the list goes on. I’ll jump up and down and let you know if I won next week. Otherwise, there might be tears.


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