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Let’s hear it for Christmas!

Okay, I know it is nowhere near Christmas, but I’m sharing a Christmas craft today. I just don’t think I can wait until December because I have been working on this for just over two years now. Not two years straight, I did pause to have a couple of kids, start sewing again and complete lots of other crafts. But I did spend several afternoons working on this. Besides, I was listening to Christmas music at work the other day, and I’m just in the Christmas mood. I’m kind of in the Christmas mood most of the year.

My mom has always been a decorative painter. It’s something I’m learning from her. (Because I really need yet another hobby, right?) Two years ago before Christmas we started these trees. We finally finished a few weeks ago. My mom was painting her 2nd tree – my aunt liked mom’s so much that mom decided to paint one for her.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with displaying a Christmas tree in your house in the middle of May, right? Okay, I really only left it up for a few days, and now it’s in the garage just waiting for December to come.


Here’s the detail of the bottom layer. I’m actually surprised at what parts were the most difficult. Looking at it, I dreaded the birds. They were actually quite easy to paint. The hardest parts? The flowers and the sky.


We started with the top layer and worked our way down to the bottom. If you were to look really closely you would see how much I improved between the top and the bottom. If you were to ask my why I showed detail of the bottom but not the other two I would adamantly declare it’s because it’s the most detailed. Secretly I would tell you it’s because it looks 20 times better than the top level!

This year I joined the Society of Decorative Painters. I’m going to my first painting convention in September. So many cool projects to do in just a few days! I’m really hoping to get it all done while I’m there. I think I stand a much better chance of completing my projects at the Convention than I did of actually finishing this tree, since I won’t be painting with my two darling girls under my feet.


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