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So Lucky!

Just had to share what came in the mail today. Just over a week ago I was browsing my reader and came across this awesome wreath at Lucky Star Lane. Erin happened to mention if you knew what book she was using for the pages, you’d get a prize. Well, being an English major, I just happened to know the book (although I had to double check which one of the two I thought it was from).

I thought the prize would be confirmation that I’m a little bit of a loser, knowing the obscure book and all. But no, my prize was this:


It was wrapped up inside a pretty houndstooth wrapped box… but I didn’t take any pictures of that because I was too excited to rip it open and see what was inside.


And if this beautiful personalized pin wasn’t enough, there were two extra monogrammed buttons inside too!


Such a generous prize! I’ve admired these flowers for a while now. I’m so glad to have one of my own! Run over and check out Erin & Heather’s blog. It’s great fun, and they are super nice!

Thanks for the great prize. It made opening my mailbox today such a joy.


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One Thought on “So Lucky!

  1. So what book was it?? Good job for winning, btw, nerd 🙂

    PS that is a way cute pin… better watch out or another “C” person might just have to borrow it!

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