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Remember Penny?

No? Is that because you have better things to do than ponder new bags I have been working on since January? That’s right, way back on January 9th I said I’d introduce you to Penny “sometime next week.”

Well, I didn’t forget Penny. She just needed a little refinement before being brought out into society. But she’s ready now.

May I present:


She’s a cross-shoulder “mail bag.” Which is why I could only think of the name Newman way back when I was picturing her in my head. {You know, Newman from Seinfeld?} Yeah, this bag is way too classy for that. She can be worn across the shoulder, but she’s not too tall to drape on one:


She’s casual enough to go everywhere with you… from the laundromat to the movies… and classy enough to go out at night. A button closure keeps all your belongings secure in style.


With an extra wide strap, she’ll be comfortable even when you fill her up! And she’s got plenty of room inside to pack her full of stuff.


Big enough you can even carry several books… with pockets to keep your cell phone, keys and a pen handy at all times. And of course, a zippered pocket to contain anything you may want to keep secret!


This particular version, in black and white with a touch of pink, was created especially for Kate, who named Penny. She may be the only one who jumped up and yelled “YES” when I asked if anyone remembered Penny. She picked the fabrics about two months ago, and has been so patient while Penny was perfected. I can’t wait to get this bag to her and see what she thinks!

Penny will be listed for sale soon in my shop, along with a few other goodies I’ve been working on today. More on those soon.


P.S. – I hope you can appreciate the crispness of the seams on Penny. I learned that everything looks better when you press the seams. Although my foot does not thank me for learning that lesson. Today my foot learned the lesson that hot irons leave a mark…

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