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Stephanie Anne

Once upon a time I have a sister. And sometimes she is the only one in our family who doesn’t have a middle name. So she gave herself one. Come to think of it, she’s really good at giving names out.

This sister of mine is not a girly girl. She did recently downsize her planner and start carrying a purse. Now she throws her little planner in this and is merrily on her way. But with a smaller planner comes a need for a wallet to store checkbook, credit cards, change, etc.

May I introduce you to Stephanie?

stephanie4 stephanie2 stephanie5

And, to Stephanie Anne? (inside, she’s just like Stephanie… with a little twist)

stephanieAnne stephanieAnne3 stephanieAnne4

Hope you like her as much as I do!


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3 Thoughts on “Stephanie Anne

  1. Goodness gracious, I just LOVE!

  2. Stephanie Johnson on February 18, 2010 at 8:57 am said:

    Oh I want one! It will go great with my purse! Red, white, and green!

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