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Pinning Fabric

Yesterday as I sewed, I was using a new (to me) material.

I was at the fabric store with my mom on Saturday, and I was picking up some buckram to stabilize my new wallet design. I’ve used buckram before, and it’s pretty sturdy. Gives you just a little bend, but still helps hold a shape. I thought I would try it out in this wallet (which I will show off soon). The amazing woman cutting for us suggested I try something else.


If you’ve never sewed with this before, you have no idea why it’s so scary. If you have – you might have an idea of my woes.

*Side note: I was shopping at JoAnn Fabric. Some of you might be amazed that the woman behind the counter did anything but cut my fabric. But she did. She spent time helping my mom figure out cushion covering issues, then complimented mom’s purse and started talking to me about the purses I was making when she found out I had made it. She talked to me for quite a while and suggested a few things. Great customer service!

Anyway – this woman told me it was kind of tough to sew Peltex, and she gave me some pointers. I used big stitches first, then went back and used my regular stitch. It worked really well. Luckily I was only sewing straight lines on this one.

While I didn’t have any troubles sewing it – forget about pinning it! This stuff is so thick that even if I got a pin through it, it would be so puckered I wouldn’t be able to sew a straight line. So, I had to think creatively. Maybe I’m not the first one to figure this out, but I thought I’d share with those who may not have thought of it.

Bobby Pins!

Bobby Pins!

They held the thick layers of fabric together better than they ever held my hair where I wanted it.


And see how straight that fabric is before going under the presser foot? No more little wiggly lines where I didn’t quite get the pin out soon enough to press it flat again before going under the needle.

Now, instead of the bathroom cupboard, my little box of bobby pins resides next to my box of straight pins in the sewing room.

Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!


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  1. Awesome. Seriously.

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